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How to use luminous powder to achieve the best results?

Storing luminous powder is a light-emitting material. But often after a customer took it reflects the long-term results are not luminous. In fact, two reasons can understand, can make to maximize luminous effect. Luminous powder usage is according to their actual situation, the different requirements, luminance and different uses has a different use, can be summed up for their own solutions in the actual production process, according to the product.

First, the luminescent luminous powder is a material, we may be assimilated into a battery. We all know that no matter how well the battery must be charged for the job, so luminous matter how good you have to let the light-absorption. Energy is the energy stored in the battery, the stored energy is luminous energy. To luminous luminous effect, in addition to its storage capacity, you have to feed the good energy to it. Earth's highest energy of sunlight, indoor light and lighting will have times.

Second, the luminous light-emitting materials. How light emitted interesting, it is the most simple enough. No barrier is the best. Luminous better, through the "cloud" of course will be weakened, the clouds can still spacious days ah.

Third, the luminous powder for injection: the ratio of luminous and plastic materials, generally at about 4% to 10%, according to the color depth of the product, plus a small light color, dark color Dorcas principle may be. A formulation: first spread of oil added to the raw stir for one minute, stirring for one minute and then added luminous powder, plus toner stirring two minutes, stirring time not too long, pay attention! Long luminous very sensitive and iron friction material will darken too long.

Fourth, luminous powder: Long luminous due to various reasons, injection technology, injection molding machines, melting temperature materials may cause black, short-acting luminous powder (zinc sulfide luminous powder) in terms of performance in the injection molding black injection respect Good point. If there are no special requirements for selection of short-acting luminous powder. Luminous powder used for printing: To reduce the paint, luminous powder luminous powder precipitated problem, you can use high viscosity resin, and adding anti-settling agent, you need Stir before using, can be used to adjust the viscosity of the diluent, do not use a heavy metal compound as additives. Print background with white or reflective color-based, you can increase the brightness of the light-emitting time printed pattern. Paint and ink coating thickness is preferably greater than 100μ, such as up to 130μ ~ 150μ, its best, (80-mesh screen printing, you can achieve twice this thickness). Luminous recommended dosage of 10% of the total weight to 70%, use of more luminous the better. Depending on the printing material, choose different types of transparent substrates, such as printed metal material, we must choose the metal special inks, such as printing PVC material, we must choose PVC special ink, the higher the better transparency. To use water-based coatings and inks, luminous microencapsulated subject to special treatment.

In fact, these two points were indicative of a truth, that is used in the paint must be more transparent the better, if you add the other color effects will be greatly reduced. Because the addition of color like the sun when things above plus colored linoleum floor, plus a layer of colored lamp shade.

Of course, sometimes, because of the need must add color how to do it? That can only be good plus translucent pigments or dyes.


Photo luminescent pigment important function in industry

With the photoluminescent pigment in the handicraft industry and the toy industry applications, the use of innovative design, reasonable selection, fine production, in order to a better understanding of the relevant knowledge, and we explain below small explain luminous powder in industry Application:

Now more and more customers start using photoluminescent pigment to change the performance of their products, but many of its own characteristics photoluminescent pigment is most customers do not know, for example, there are a variety of glow in the dark powder on the market now, not only There are differences in quality, the price is also very different, a lot of customers is difficult to buy their favorite photoluminescent pigment.

Mainly because of photoluminescent pigment is not the industry standard, but it is not our traditional understanding of the consumer in the high price products will certainly have a relatively good performance, especially crafts and toy industry, less demanding on the luminescence time for body color and absorption speed requirements to be higher, if some users choose glow in the dark powder, uninformed some time performance photoluminescent pigment, it will take some detours in the selection and use of photoluminescent pigment in.

In the final analysis, we must first understand some simple characteristics after glow in the dark powder choose photoluminescent pigment process and requirements for their best, do not blindly pursue able bright long, all photoluminescent pigment in the two hours after Light has been weak, said light emitting 10 hours, 20 hours only test results theory, in practice the effect is not obvious in this welcome you to buy my company's photoluminescent pigment, the company has a sound management system, excellent technical capacity and a hundred percent of goods and services.



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