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Photoluminescent Pigment

Photoluminescent pigments is the strontium aluminate type long afterglow phosphor materials. It is made from the rare earth element and aluminate, The chemical formula is SrMgAl4O8:Eu2+Dy3+, with the H.S code of 3206500000. After absorbing the natural light or lamplight about 15 minutes, the powder can shed continual light with colour of yellow green , blue green or others for longtime. The powder is a non-radioactive, non-toxic and Green-Protection products. It can be used in many transparent or translucent media, such as plastic, paint, glaze, ink, glass and ceramic etc to produce luminous products. With the good indicating and beautifying effect in darkness, the powder can be widely used in emergency signs, passway signs, switches, enamel nameplate, road signs, toys, handicraft, clock, textile, military and camp instruments etc..





◆The photoluminescent pigment will be dissolved in water and decomposed in acid liquid somewhat, so it can not be used in water-solubility and acidity solution. For these purpose, we will produce the waterproof pigments.
◆ Fast light absorbing, high glowing effect and long afterglow time.
◆With better stable characteristic of physics and chemistry, strong acclimatization and long service life.
◆ It is a new type of environmentally friendly photoluminescent pigment with the characteristics of non-toxicity, non-radioactivity, non-flammability and non-explosibility.
◆Small particle diameter, granularity distributes equally, easy to produce during process.

◆The smaller the particle size,the lower the luminance is.


Application fields

Suitable for various kinds of transparent or half transparent medium, such as paint, screen printing, plastic, glass, coating, ink, enamel, ceramic and fiber.
Indication position: can be applied in switch of home appliance, control board, plug, lock, electric torch, stairway, fire protection facility, fire alarm, lifesaving tools etc.

Safety fields: show safety indication effect in fields as below:signs, warning items writing, emergency passenger way, subway station, underground passage, blindage project, hospital, dancing hall, video room, refuge shelter, helmet, bicycle etc.
◆Building:can be applied in building wall, tiles, inside surface of elevator, bridge, roads, sea ports etc. both decoration and application value has been achieved.
◆Others: arts and crafts, amber, sand crystal, glass, painting works; toys: plastic toys and piece together pictures; clothing: shoes, caps, working uniform, helmet, transfer pictures, printing graph clothing; calendar, fishing tools.
◆Each type of long-after-glow pigment has its optimal application condition and limits, pls. take a reference of application instruction for long-after-glow pigment or consult technical department.


Application Notice

◆ Most of the photoluminescent pigment are less soluble in water and decomposed in acid, so they can not be used in water-base or acid-base media. For these application, pls use our envelope style pigments. Pls contact us for further details.
◆ Mix pigment well before using in terms of its gravity.
◆ Keep pigments in breezy, dry warehouse and make it free from humidity. Pack the rest pigment carefully after one time usage.

◆ Metal material influence the pigment, so prevent pigment from touching metal material.


Reference information
Rare earth long after glow in the dark powder knowledge 
REE-activated alkaline earth aluminate, silicate and other high-tech self-luminous products. Their outstanding characteristics are: a variety of visible light absorption at 10 to 20 minutes, you can continue to light at night in the dark more than 12 hours, the luminous brightness and duration is 30 to 50 times the traditional ZnS glow materials. 
Glow in the dark powders main technical parameters: 
1 initial brightness: glow powder under a certain light brightness (1000LUX), instrumentation brightness value between 0 (typically 3 seconds after the light extinguished) moments. General highlighted photoluminescent powder around 20000-25000. Since the initial rapid reduction sad moment, capturing moments error greater impact on the general brightness with one minute to more appropriate time. Highlight luminous powder is generally 3500 (med/m2) above, in the light powders in 2800, Pu Liang powder at about 2300. 
2 persistence: over time, the brightness powder falling, respectively, comparing the luminance values ​​at different times, to measure the speed of less luminous sorrow. Generally 10 minutes, 30 minutes, one hour brightness for comparison. 
3 Granularity: Granularity is an important parameter photoluminescent powder, the application performance of its glow powder has a great influence, generally with an average particle size and particle size distribution to describe the characteristics of the unit is micron (um), these parameters are passed particle analyzer test out. But in reality, in order to facilitate more with 'mesh' (mesh number of single living area) to describe the granularity of the situation, luminous powder is generally based on the production process is divided into -160 mesh, -200 mesh, -250, -300 , -400, -200 to +400 mesh, -160 to +250 mesh and so on. Generally, the same powder quality, the larger the particle size, the better the brightness, the worse the performance; smaller the particle size, the greater the specific surface area, the larger the dispersion in the application area of ​​the unit area, with the glow powder volume amount will be reduced, to reduce costs. 
4 Body color: powder Color. 
5 Color: The color of light emitted by the powder. 
6 photographic speed: powder to absorb light at a certain saturation of the length of time used to describe short time, sensitive to light, a long time, the photosensitive slow; continued good photosensitive slower. ZnS generally within half a minute can absorb enough light, and photoluminescent powder generally 15 minutes or more. 
Other features: 
1.glow in the dark powders of environmentally friendly materials, non-toxic, harmless, non-radioactive, contain 10 kinds of harmful heavy metals, is a safe material. 
2 In addition to the red and blue-green powder, other glow in the dark powder is hydrolyzed with water, loss of light emission characteristics, and therefore, when used in aqueous solution, the first luminous powder can be used after waterproofing. 
3.photoluminescent pigment temperature resistance: cyan powder highest temperature is generally 8000C or more times in the performance starts to drop, the higher the temperature, the longer the time, the greater the impact (Eu +2 is oxidized continuously Eu +3) , and is irreversible. Yellow-green powder in general began to decline when more than 5000C.
About long after glow phosphorescence material   

Abstract: The paper introduces the long after glow phosphorescence material

Key words: long after glow 


How to define a luminescent substance it? Suitable materials absorb radiation energy , and then the light is emitted , the emitted photon energy is lower than energy of the excitation radiation. This behavior has a light-emitting substance called luminescent substances. According to the excitation can be divided into different photoluminescent material , a cathode ray emitting material , an electroluminescent material , a chemiluminescent material , etc. . This article deals with photoluminescent materials are long-lasting light-emitting materials , commonly known as luminous materials.

1866 French Sidot finished first ZnS: Cu preparation , the earliest research work carried out in this series afterglow luminescent materials . Until the early 20th century, photoluminescent true realization of industrial production , but also since then, always the ZnS series dominated afterglow luminescent materials industry . To the 1990s , people began to discover and concern afterglow luminescent material has good performance and unique characteristics of the rare earth ion doped afterglow , and ushered in a maturing super long afterglow materials research and application of a new era. In recent years, the rare earth ion doped materials have been widely used in the afterglow instrument display panel and other areas concealed lighting and emergency lighting, aviation, marine and automotive , it was the rare earth ion doped materials used in the preparation of ceramic afterglow .  

Long-lasting mechanism of a light-emitting and light-emitting materials

After stimulated light materials continue to issue stop is called afterglow . Called afterglow afterglow afterglow duration time of less than 1 μs is called ultrashort afterglow called short afterglow ,1-10μs inter called 10μs-1ms between short afterglow called ,1-100ms between the afterglow , called the afterglow between 100ms-1s , more than 1s is called super- long afterglow . Long afterglow luminescent material present development mechanism is not perfect, are hundreds of gongs state. The specific mechanism is as follows : After activating agent ( donor ) are incorporated into the matrix , formed in the band gap near the location of the conduction band of a series of impurity levels , the role of the trap from the conduction band movement electrons, it is likely to stay in the trap for a long time , only in the external force will not be released ; under excitation photon , electron transitions from the ground state to the excited activator state ( process 1 ) ; If the electronic ground state level that is returned directly generate transient luminous phenomena ( process 2 ) is the fluorescence emission ; optical excitation will make some electronic transitions to the conduction band ( process 3 ) , and confined in the trap ( procedure 4 ) ; If you are in the trap energy level of electrons get enough energy e, they will released from the trap (process 5 ) , which is that they may be re- captured by the trap , it may transition to the ground state activator ( process 6 ) through the conduction band , and the light emission center complex , i.e., causing long afterglow luminescent .  

The persistence length and the trapping of electrons by the number N and the energy of these electrons gain on E : N , the more long afterglow time ; E within a certain range , the more long afterglow time , but can reach the trap value of the electronic release of all is that it will not help extend the afterglow of time.

Long afterglow luminescent material is divided into self-luminous type photoluminescent afterglow luminescent materials and energy storage . The former is called a permanent light emitting material , it does not need the help of any external energy for excitation emitted by the radioisotope itself containing the particles in the excitation decay due radioisotope emitted particles is uninterrupted , uniform , stable , so self-luminous materials can be sustained, steady light, its half-life decay time depends contained radioisotopes . Initially the use of natural radioactive elements α particle excitation , and later using synthetic β -type emission elements to improve the afterglow of a performance and reduce radiation damage . Latter refers to the people , such as sunlight or ultraviolet light irradiation short time after the light turned off , still can be sustained for a long time luminous materials.    

Long-lasting material doped with rare earth ions  

With the social and economic development, human lifestyles are undergoing tremendous changes , such as the centralization of human activities, nightlife extension , increasing the underground construction and high-rise buildings , while people also enhance awareness of security risks . Once earthquakes, fires and other unexpected disaster, how to ensure the safe evacuation of people in the shortest time , that evacuation signs of how the system can most effectively play a role , which is relevant technical experts around the world dedicated to study and solve major issues . In the conventional ZnS represented since the light emitting long afterglow luminescent material short time, low brightness, poor lightfastness shortcomings make it in practice Discard the dilemma . Developed in the 1990s, rare earth aluminate , silicate luminescent material , non-toxic , non-radioactive , chemical stability , and its luminance and continuous lighting time is 30 to 50 times ZnS as the representative of the traditional fluorescent material , and unlimited repeatedly. This efficient photoluminescent green as a precondition to self-luminous material inventions , marks the third time since the arrival of the light-emitting materials revolution. In recent years, the luminescent materials and products were quickly accepted , the amount annually.  

At present , domestic and foreign carriers using photoluminescent material fire safety evacuation signs of a thin aluminum sheet products ( printed luminescent material on which a pattern ) , plastics, rubber , ink, paint, etc. After processing at room temperature or a lower temperature materials can be finalized . Compared with the several materials, ceramic materials with high strength, weather resistance , heat fire-resistant, water-resistant, easy to clean surface , tastefully decorated , long life and other advantages. At present, China 's ceramic decorative brick production has reached more than one billion l0 m2, is widely used in all kinds of walls, floors and pavement decoration . The advantage of the advantages of phosphorescent material and ceramic materials ceramic products rolled into one that gives luminescent features that make more extensive use of ceramic products , performance luminescent material products are also more favorable .  

Therefore , long afterglow luminescent type ceramic become a hot topic all the scholars , after experimental studies heresy of time, has had promising results go .

Liu Quansheng and other high-temperature solid phase prepared SrAl2O4: Eu2 +, Dy3 +, CaAl2O4: Eu2 +, Nd3 +, CaTiO3: Pr3 + long afterglow luminescent materials , zinc borosilicate system based glazes on ceramic substrate , prepared colorful colorful pattern afterglow content luminescent ceramic glaze ceramic luminescent material was 25% ; ceramic firing temperature of 800 ℃.

Zhang Xiyan , Lully equality SrAl2O4: Eu2 +, Dy3 + luminescence ceramics in 1250 ~ 1450 ℃ to monoclinic crystal. 1400 ℃ sintered samples 4h glows bright green. Samples high strength, good chemical stability. Is the center wavelength of the emission spectrum of the broadband spectrum of 520nm , the excitation spectrum is located between 240 ~ 420nm. 10h -emitting continuous luminance of 2.15 mcd / m2, far higher than the human eye can distinguish brightness 0.32mcd/m2 minimum luminous decay curves conform I = At-n, the first 5 min, n = 0.6;. 5 to 40min, n = 1.0; 40 to 600min, n = 1.3 show that the luminescent ceramic afterglow luminance variation with time is longer decay slower .


Photoluminescent pigment production technic process



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