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Photoluminescent Pigment Application Success Cases


Special water-luminous light emitting zebra


1, only after water treatment luminescent powder before use in waterborne coatings.

2, each must be stirred well before printing or spray evenly (stirring rods should not use heavy metals, to avoid luminous powder


3, the substrate surface needs to spray white paint to improve adhesion rate, while improving light effects, enhanced gloss.

4, spraying or printing the most economical thickness advice 150UM. 

Luminous paint is a paint wall art, he is with the use of long-lasting luminous paint from the deployment can be extended to a limited monotonous plane strange glowing fantastic hyperspace. Decorative effect Ambilight, patchwork, pattern fidelity, structured, detailed, seamless, can not afford to skin, not cracking, background color and complexion can freely mix, figures, landscapes, flowers, cartoons, and other patterns can be arbitrary choice, but also You can personalize custom, and unlimited recycling, long life, non-toxic, non-radioactive elements, a new generation of environmentally friendly decorative paint. Mainly applies to high-end home entertainment occasions and residential.

Typical of photoluminescent paint application: suitable for display objects at night and the backings

1. The construction and decoration, interior decoration, lighting, painting, wall.

2. Identification of the night marked goods, power switch, tool or toolbox.

3.PUB, KTV, stores, business establishments and other large gatherings landscaping.

The traffic signs, fire emergency escape systems, military equipment, garden landscaping.

5. watches, buttons, field instrument or indicator, radios, cameras.

6. bicycle, motorcycle, car, body design and aluminum ring, steel.

7. Fishing equipment, aquarium equipment, banners, stickers, toys.

8. General jewelry, stunning picture painted, ceilings and other landscaping ... 


Luminous silicone rubber band


It is a popular jewelry at home and abroad in recent years, with a simple, generous, good quality, environmental protection, style, fashionable, non-toxic, tasteless, non-transitional resistance, high temperature, cold, water, transparent, anti-aging and so on. Not wrapped around the hair tie hair, flexibility should not be broken, especially by children, students, ladies love.

Rubber band photoluminescent materials and technology: 100% natural solid silica gel hydraulic press repression.

Rubber band luminous colors and sizes: color bright and colorful, solid color, luminous color, fluorescent color, various sizes of rubber bands.

Safety standards: they are made of transparent silicone, excluding the provisions of the disabled all kinds of heavy metals and toxic substances, environmental non-toxic, can be assured.

Use: They can be used to tie lunch boxes, stationery, books, parcels. Children can also be used as decoration belt in hand, it can also recognize different shapes of animals, cartoon characters and other fruits, are the children the best gift.

Silicone rubber band luminous species

1. Jigsaw series of luminous rubber band, 2. Ocean series luminous rubber band, 3. letter series glow in dark rubber band, 4. animal series luminous rubber band, rubber band luminous dinosaur series, 5 series photoluminescent robot rubber band, 6 Farm Series Luminous rubber band, 7 Car series luminous rubber band, 8 insect series luminous rubber band, 9 summer series of glow rubber band, 10 beach series luminous rubber band, 11 sports people series luminous series of rubber band.






Luminous Nail Polish

Also known as "nail paint." It is mainly composed of 70% -80% of a volatile solvent, about 15% of nitrocellulose, a small amount of solvent oil, camphor, titanium dioxide and oil-soluble pigments. Luminous nail polish applied to the film after being formed, fast and with moderate colored sheen, you can protect the nails, the nails also gives a sense of beauty.

Nail Polish, nail color, Nail enamel

Ingredients: Long after glow volatile solvent, nitrocellulose, oil


Ordinary photoluminescent nail polish ingredients are generally composed of the two, one is a solid-state components, mainly color, flash substances; one is a liquid solvent composition, acetone, ethyl acetate, the main use of phthalates and formaldehyde. The more types of pigment, there are two types of natural and man-made, and now, of course, is the most widely used artificial colorings, but there are many artificial colors with toxic, it may harm to human body. Sudan is a kind of well-known carcinogen. It may also be mixed with natural pigments harmful ingredients, but may be subjected to a purification treatment to remove harmful ingredients, but removal technique is quite difficult, and costly, as manufacturers generally do not use.


Ordinary luminous nail polish solvent basic ingredients are toxic or harmful substances, which is not known to the average person. One of the most powerful, should be phthalate, formaldehyde, followed by acetone and ethyl acetate. Luminous nail polish ingredients harmful phthalates impede the normal hormone balance, cause serious reproductive harm and other health problems; and benzene and formaldehyde are carcinogenic. There were also reports that the glow in dark nail polish some ingredients may have an impact on the health of the fetus, and thus to cause great attention.

Other components

In general luminous nail polish in order to achieve quick dry nail polish to make photoluminescent objects, adding a lot of acetone, ethyl acetate composition and characteristics of these two components are highly volatile, so luminous nail polish can kill quickly. However, acetone, ethyl acetate, hazardous chemicals, explosive they produce dizzying pungent odor during evaporation, to produce the pollution of indoor air (after volatilization their volume will expand a thousand times), in the long term when inhaled, may harm the nervous system, but also has a strong irritant to the mucous membrane. If the home has a baby, then access to such ingredients even more dangerous. These organic solvents there is a downside, that is used repeatedly after the nails, nails will change color, brittle, white, leading to "nail ending up destroying armor." So some guidance in the use of luminous nail polish, wrote: "The best in a ventilated room painted luminous nail polish, or it may cause dizziness ......", is the truth.





Luminous yo-yo: 

Yo-yo is not just a sport, but also the world of fancy most difficult, one of the most entertaining sports acrobatics hands. Some people say that yo-yo is educational toys, but by no means the luminous yo-yo educational toys can compare. Luminous yo-yo (YOYO), it is not a strange word, but it is often understood as a naive child toys, in fact, the yo-yo is known as "the world's second oldest toy." (The oldest toy is a doll). But after many years of continuous innovation and development, luminous yo-yo is becoming a popular global hand movement skills. Because each player's style and own fancy are different, so glow fancy yo-yo technique are many types can be said that a marine technology. The current mainstream fancy five groups, each have thousands of fancy kind, and every year there will still be a lot of new fancy is finding out. Yo-yo professional game mode, and some TV shows in the performance of different. In the professional game, players need to meet the music, within the specified time are combined into a set of technical performances with numerous fancy. The referee based on the difficulty of each action player, ornamental, fluency to score and cumulative score statistics after the final score as a player. A high level of technical performance luminous yo players, even be able to countless astounding technical fancy linking breath to show to the audience, it also has a very high ornamental, dizzying, never tire. 

The word shape luminous slippers

Sandals (Flip-Flops) known as the "thong luminous slippers." Single hear the word pronunciation, rhythm Tititata had heard that a casual and comfortable. Merchant truth "flip-flops" will make the ankle, calf and thigh become symmetrical, will play the role of the legs fit wonderful; the doctor said, wearing "sandals" harmful to health, can cause joint pain, ankle sprain and a series of foot problems. Although the debate, but not conclusive, the so, on behalf of the fashion, freedom, lively and happy "sandals" is still the favorite of young people. Sandals can be quite a long history, thousands of years ago humans spend all material available skins or wrapped in feet, it can be said that the first prototype of sandals - shoes the most fundamental principles of mechanics ! As for the later sandals will be carried forward to the Japan and Brazil. In addition to the typical Japanese sandals clogs outside Brazil to the number of glial type most comfortable. 

Photoluminescent Landscape 

Modern landscape indispensable part, it not only has high ornamental itself, also emphasized the harmonization of the art light and scenic landscape history and culture, the surrounding environment. Photoluminescent Landscape with different shapes, alien landscape light color and brightness. For example, the shape of the red lantern light photoluminescent landscape of square to bring a festive atmosphere, green palm tree lights in the pool established a school of tropical. Glow in the dark Landscape apply plaza, residential areas, public green spaces and other landscape areas. Be careful not to use too diverse, so overwhelming, so that clutter the landscape flashy. Photoluminescent Landscape also has some disadvantages, such as: no environmental protection.

Photoluminescent Landscape classification more, can be roughly divided lights, footlights, trails and garden lights, pole, low (lawn) lamps, projection lamps (floodlights, small projection lamp), lampposts decorated glow Landscape , light comedy light, under the light, buried lights, wall lamp, underwater lights, recessed light, fiber optic lighting system, solar lamps. 

Luminous mouse pad, 

It is luminous with a small mouse pad. The main function is to prevent because the surface of glass and other special materials reflection and refraction on the luminous mouse photoreceptor orientation, providing a convenient night light mouse photoreceptor system to calculate the motion vectors of the plane. But recently it has increased the number of luminous mouse pad wrist rest to increase hand comfort.



Photoluminescent tile,

An acid and alkali metal oxides are luminous and semi-refractory metal oxide, by grinding, mixing, pressing, glazing, sintering of the process, and the formation of ceramic or stone building or decoration etc. photoluminescent material The total is called luminous tiles. Much of its raw materials by mixing clay, quartz sand, rare earth and so long-lasting photoluminescent pigment is made.

In accordance with zoning: outside wall tiles, wall tiles, floor tiles, square tiles, industrial brick.

According molding Score: dry pressing bricks, extruded bricks, plastic molding bricks.

According burn components: oxidation ceramic tile, reducing tile.

According to the glazing points: glazed tiles, unglazed tiles.

According to water absorption points: ceramic tile, stoneware tile, fine stoneware tiles, stoneware tiles, ceramic tiles.

According to sub-species: polished, antique bricks, tiles, glazed whole cast, polished crystal tile, ceramic stone, split tiles, square brick (brick culture).

Divided according to production process: printing bricks, tiles, spot tile, crystal tiles, unglazed tiles.


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