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How to distinguish luminous powder and fluorescent powder?

Luminous and phosphor are the two products, but many people think that is luminous phosphors and think they are following the same substance, small to give you how to distinguish luminous powder and phosphor.:

1 luminous powder: Yes absorbance - STORING - a self-luminous light emitting material, which is a kind of luminous material can be made visible in the dark, called luminous powder, luminous powder it into long-term, short-acting luminous, radioactive luminous, but they are of a material glowing in the dark.

2 phosphor: divided photoluminescence phosphor, fluorescent high-pressure mercury lamp phosphors, phosphor fluorescent low-pressure mercury lamp, fluorescent lamp phosphors, trichromatic lamp phosphors, color lamp phosphors, medical lamps phosphor, black light phosphors, copy lamp phosphors, upconversion phosphors, phosphor and so a series of UV, the action principle is to store energy in the stop light irradiation, the fluorescence way slowly released.

3 luminous powder with a radioactive, is the incorporation of radioactive substances in the phosphor, the use of radiation emitted by radioactive substances continue to excite the phosphor light, the excitation time is short, light and long afterglow time and high brightness.

Luminous and fluorescent certain extent there is a certain relationship, but these are two different substances.

These are small series on how to make a distinction between luminous and fluorescent explanation, if you and how to distinguish luminous phosphors also doubt, you can contact us, we will be in the most professional manner to answer your questions! While If you need luminous service, please contact us, we will provide you with the best quality products!


Photoluminescent Pigment Production Technic Process 

 ( Information for reference )

Phosphor is a special crystal structure luminescent material, which has a strong absorbance - STORING - luminous ability, when illuminated by natural light and the light, that part of the light energy is absorbed and stored, and then in the form of visible light in the dark Slowly release the luminescent material after five minutes after the light in the dark can automatically light for more than 12 hours of light absorption process can be repeated countless times glowing, luminous life of more than 20 years. Here we look at the production process luminous powder.
I. Features: This is different from the light-emitting phosphor powder, it is non-radioactive, light long short but luminous efficiency, low cost, colorful.
Second, the device: furnace, crucible, ball mill, drying equipment.
Third, the formula:
Red light-emitting powder: 55 g barium sulfate, magnesium sulfate 40 g, 2 g of lithium phosphate, copper nitrate 3 g
Blue luminescent powder: 63 g calcium sulfide, sodium 5 g, 5 g of potassium sulfate, strontium sulfate 10 g, 6 g of sodium chloride, 1 g of silver nitrate, magnesium sulfate 10 g.
Purple luminous powder: 63 g calcium sulfide, magnesium sulfide 26 grams, 10 grams of sodium sulfide, strontium nitrate 1 g.
Green luminous powder: 55 g calcium sulfide, potassium sulfide 1 g, 10 g of sodium sulfide, barium nitrate 12 grams, 13 grams of indium nitrate.
Yellow light powder: 55 g barium sulfide, magnesium sulfate 40 g, 2 g aluminum sulfide, potassium nitrate 3 g.
Fourth, Crafts: after with a good raw material, the temperature on the crucible furnace heating, raw material in the pot, but also do not pan directly after mixing the raw material on the furnace to burn at a temperature of 133 degrees, 50 minutes to burn After hand-pick incomplete color impurities, and then placed in the cooked raw mill ground into fine powder and then soaked in water for precipitation to remove water, the sink in the powder can be placed in the oven to dry.
Fifth, use: the colorless transparent plexiglass dissolved in two parts of a banana .72 hours after adding the right amount of water luminous powder can be applied to the watches, clocks, instruments and crafts.
These are the luminous powder production process, you know it? Our company specializes in the production of luminous powder, reflective powder products, with high initial brightness, bright color, long afterglow time characteristics. By the industry and the praise of customers, welcome to buy. 

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