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 How to use reflective powder

Application: widely used in screen printing, reflective paint, reflective ink, traffic signs, reflective materials and other fields.
Features: high degree of oxidation resistance, high temperature resistance, good reflective effect.
Technical parameters: 1. Color: white/grey 2. Refractive index: ND=1.93 3. Particle size: 150-500 mesh (25 micron -105 micron) 4
I. usage :(screen printing)
Water-based screen printing method 1: bright reflective powder can be directly added to the transparent paste, evenly (can be appropriately added to enhance the fastness), you can print, printing.
Oily silk-screen printing method: bright reflective powder can be directly added to the varnish, evenly (can be appropriately added to enhance the fastness), you can print, printing.
Oil screen printing method two: can be directly added to the ink, make reflective ink, screen printing or brush on the fabric or other items, easy to use and easy to master. The amount of addition depends on how much the reflective brightness is added.
Oily silk screen printing method three: first the bottom besmear printing paste -- the surface besmear reflective paste --- drying solidified reflective paste preparation: according to the amount of how much, after the reflective powder weighing first with solvent (cyclohexanone) into paste, and then, added to the transparent printing paste, evenly used. * when printing, the thickness of the printing adhesive layer should be thin, with 30 microns -- 50 microns is appropriate, to ensure that the reflective powder can be half exposed on the surface, produce reflective effect. According to the purpose, the use of different size, to achieve a variety of reflective effects. (different particle size, better reflective effect)
Ii. Usage :(spraying)
1. Paint the reflective primer first, and then spray the reflective finish after the reflective primer is dry. If the cement surface construction, it is recommended to spray two layers of reflective primer better
2. It is recommended to use w-71 type spray gun (nozzle ganization1.50mm), with spray gun pressure of about 2.0kg /cm2 for priming and about 3.0kg/cm2 for finishing
3. During the construction, the spray gun and the surface should be kept at 18cm, the spray gun Angle should be 45, and the spray film layer should be thin to achieve good results. To unidentified base material, want small area to try out beforehand
4. Do not apply in bad weather such as rain, fog and snow, which will affect the fastness.
Note: 1. Clean the construction surface before use, the surface is free of oil and dry.
2. Mix the reflective primer and reflective finish evenly before construction; Paint the process to keep stirring, to prevent reflective powder precipitation.
The above technical parameters, from the practical application of each industry summary, for reference only

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