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Reflective powder screen printing technique and reflective film

Gray reflective powder screen printing is widely used in traffic gray reflective powder screen printing process: the original negatives → → screen version → copy → developing → drying → printing → drying → finished product inspection → print, screen printing is done through network The drain hole ink printed on the substrate. It is convex, flat, concave three printing compared to printing a broader, more advantages. Ink types and substrates used more and more. It is not limited substrate size and shape, it can be molded printed in different shapes and uneven surfaces. - Layout soft and elastic, a minimum pressure is printed printing. Way inking thick, strong adhesion. Printing thickness of up to 30-100μm, ink opacity particularly strong, strong sense of three-dimensional graphic printing, is incomparable other printing (ink film thickness control is also possible). Suitable for all types of ink: its adaptability, can adapt to any kind of paint printing, such as oil, water, synthetic resin-based, powder and other inks can be used. As long as they can be used through the screen mesh fineness of inks and coatings. It can print color, you can also chromatic color and screen printing. It's light and strong performance: it can be easy ways to luminous series of products into the ink, so print graphic permanently maintain luster from the impact of temperature and sunlight. Screen printing plate convenient, cheap, flexible printing, diverse, technology easy to master. Reflective powder screen-printed on film materials are widely used in transportation. 


Good quality reflective film reflective film products is an important prerequisite for excellent product quality and production quality is good there is uniform standards and regulations, can not be simple and intuitive to judge the quality of good or bad reflective film. First, the reflective film is certainly important that the brightness of refraction, and that retro-reflective properties, from a different angle of incidence of the observation, examination reflective film reflective of the incident angle -43 015, the reflectance values ​​to achieve the national standard GB Standard / TI8833-2002 "road traffic signs reflective film" under, it can show reflective of the reflective film standard. Second, the quality of the visual inspection from the reflective film reflective film, reflective film surface should not have scratches, streaks, bubbles, uneven color and other defects, the surface should be smooth, clean and free of stains and debris. Third, we should check the package status reflective film. Reflective film supply roll should be uniform, smooth tight wound round core, edge and tidy, no distortion, no defects and should not be mixed with extraneous items. Length of each volume should not be less than 45.72m, and the amount of wealth should be given at least 0.3m and a width direction of the reflective film rolls can not be joined, the longitudinal direction of stitching where it does not more than three, the length of each reflective film of not less than 10m , the splice should stay out of affluent amount of 0.5m. Finally, the need to detect the degree of reflective film of acid, it is necessary to detect different pH solvents, reflective film detection values ​​obtained should meet the national standard GB / TI8833-2002 "road traffic signs reflective film" under the standard. 


Why reflective material will be reflective light


Why it will be reflective in reflective material industry in recent years, from the beginning of the novel slowly into the love of the reflective film industry. Not only because of the reflective material industry to bring their own a job, more importantly, due to the characteristics of reflective materials industry, the most immediate use of reflective material is from a warning, to reduce or prevent the occurrence of danger. Can do their favorite work, and to help others, it should be a very happy thing. Many new customers will be curious, they do not seem to understand the humble 3M film material, when light exposure will reflect light so striking. Enlightenment principle is not difficult, mainly hybrid technology is more negative. Since the glass beads are spherical, since the light toward the screen approximately parallel light, when it is irradiated to the vertex sphere, the incident angle is small, a portion of the light is reflected, another part is reflected and then split shot, and then exit again split occurs return air, return to the front of the screen. When the light shines outside the spherical vertex angle of incidence is large, light occurs on the glass beads will reflect part of the light will be reflected to the other glass beads, and then is reflected back. Since the glass beads are round, and each incident is different, so the return of the light is not parallel light, the effect is equivalent to diffuse, but more efficient than the diffuse much higher. So the effect is much better than white screen. Since reflective material available for public safety made a great contribution. With the national economic development, improving people's living standards, enhance safety awareness, the future of reflective materials in China market will be more widely used.


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