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UV phosphors color specification describes and security printing technology


Inorganic ultraviolet fluorescent pigment known as UV-induced fluorescence. The fluorescent pigment is (zinc, chromium) or rare earth oxides and trace sulfide active agent with a metal by calcination. Colorless or pale white, is UV light (200 ~ 400nm) irradiation, depending on the color of the metal and the activator type and content, while showing a variety of colors of visible light (400 ~ 800nm). Press the wavelength of the excitation light is different, can be divided into short-wave UV excitation fluorescent pigment (excitation wavelength of 254nm) and ultraviolet excitation fluorescence pigment (excitation wavelength of 365nm) This series of products under visible light, the color is white or nearly transparent, in light sources of different wavelengths (254nm, 365nm, 850nm) show one or more fluorescent color phosphors including organic, inorganic, twilight and other special effects, colorful and bright. Yao Dexing security type ultraviolet fluorescent color variety series total of red, purple, yellow and green, blue, green, yellow, white, blue, green, orange, black. A variety of colors, endless variations, it is also known as anti-counterfeiting phosphor, the light changed powder, color powder, invisible fluorescent, Dreaming powder, UV phosphor.


UV excitation security phosphor has good water resistance and temperature resistance, chemical stability, long service life for years or even decades. The material can be added to the relevant material which, such as: transparent or translucent material in plastics, paints, inks, resins, glass and the like. The material in material security, guide signs and other fields can be widely applied. Especially suitable for bars, discos, and other entertainment decoration, painting and other arts and crafts. The material characteristics: soft close look bright, bright and eye-catching at night seem remote viewing. In the use of different techniques can be made into a point, line, surface and other forms. UV irradiation, can make all kinds of bright points, lines, color light plane. Another feature of the product are: energy saving, environmental protection, non-toxic, harmless. It can be widely used safely in all relevant fields


UV phosphors how to reduce the use of ultraviolet fluorescent blots blots on how to reduce the use of


Ultraviolet fluorescent ink colorless only under the following specific conditions in order to decrease the prints:


(1), change the pattern or color of the text line;


(2), preferably printed in fluorescent ink has a background portion, it is conducive to cover fluorescent ink traces;


(3), should choose a good absorbent paper, special paper invoices ink absorption performance than copper and jams.


(4) there are special requirements for invisibility printed materials, you can print the first colorless ink.


UV light phosphor display characteristics:

A, the inorganic phosphor

1. Fluorescence bright color, good hiding power (opacity can be added free agent).

2. fine spherical particles, easily dispersed, 98% of the diameter of about 1-10u.

3. good heat resistance: maximum temperature of 600 , suitable for high-temperature processing of various processes.

The good solvent resistance, acid, alkali, safe.

5. There is no color shift (MIGRATION), does not pollute.

6. Non-toxic, does not overflow formalin (FORMALDEHYDE) when heated, can be used for colored toys and food containers.

7. chromosome Wang will overflow, when in the injection machine for mold, you can save cleaning procedures.

B, organic phosphor

1 fluorescent bright color, do not have the hiding power, light penetration rate of 90%.

2, good solubility, dissolution Jieke various oils solvents, but solubility is different, need to be selected according to the different needs in combination.

3, are dye series, should pay attention to color shift problems.

4, due to poor weather resistance, to be added when using other stabilizers.

5, and heat resistance: maximum temperature of 200 , suitable for less at 200 processing.




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