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Product Information
Photoluminescent Arts and Crafts
Photoluminescent Glassware
   Include various tableware such as cups, ashtray, coffee mug, beer cups.

   Can be use for bar, home etc. or as the gifts.

Photoluminescent Crafts

Include: Photoluminescent resin materials arts and crafts,balls, glow in dark ornaments etc. Welcome the OEM orders.

Glow in dark stickers

Photoluminescent glow in dark sticker, can be used to paste in the room, the living room wall, or window glass can also be affixed to the car as interiors. Each product comes with a white sponge rubber. Products are divided into light green, sky blue and pink, and pale green glow in the best.

Photoluminescent Football etc.

The luminescent balls products are a new developed products which is very novel. They are made from the luminescent powder which is non-radioactive, non-toxic and environmental-protective material. The luminescent balls include: football, baseball, golf ball, and craftwork ball.

Reference Information
Photoluminescent pigment MSDS ( Material Safety Data Sheet )
01. Identification of the substance/preparation.Product name: PHOTOLUMINESCENT PIGMENT  
ANALYSIS DATE 16 SEP. 2013ANALYST LiFuShunApplication Photoluminescent pigment 
02. Composition/information on ingredients.chemical characterization
Alkaline earth metal aluminates europium doped
03. Hazards possibilities.This material safety data sheet (msds) has been prepared in compliance with the federal osha hazard 
communication standard 29 cfr 1910.1200. this product is considered to be a non-hazardous substance under that standard. 
04. First aid measures.general information
No toxic effects observed in human beings.
skin contact
Wash off with soap & water.
eye contact
Flush with water for 5 minutes.
Remove to flesh air
Drink quantities of water & induce vomiting
05. Fire-fighting measures.Suitable extinguishing media
Water / foam/ ABC powder/ carbon dioxide.
Extinguishing media that must not be used for safety reasons
Special exposure hazards arising from the substance or preparation itself, its combustion products or from resulting gases

MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET Version: 16.09.2013 PHOTOLUMINESCENT PIGMENT                  Page 2 of 4 

Special protective equipment for firefighting 
Fire fighters should wear self-contained breathing apparatus when fighting chemical fires, use water spray to cool nearby containers and structures exposed to fire. this product will not burn. use appropriate techniques to fight surrounding fire..
Additional information
Fire residues and contaminated firefighting water must be disposed of in accordance with the local regulations. 
06. Accidental release measures.personal precautions
Use personal protective clothing .JiNan XingYi Technology Co.,Ltd. Avoid dust formation .Knock down dust with water spray jet.
environmental precautions
Wrap appropriate protective equipment, avoid the generation of dust, vacuum or shovel material and place in closable container(s) for disposal
methods for cleaning up/taking up
Pick up mechanically. When picked up, treat material as prescribed under heading "Disposal".
Additional information
Information regarding Safe handling, see chapter 7. Information regarding personal protective measures see, chapter 8. Information regarding
Waste Disposal, see chapter 13. 
07. Handling and storage. Observe the usual precautions for handling chemicals.
Hints on safe handling
Air cleaning with filter of room for dust removable..
Hints for protection against fire and explosion
Observe the general rules of industrial fire protection.
Requirements for storage rooms and vessels
Store closed in cool dry area when handling wear protective clothing & respiratory protection. avoid scatter into the air.
Storage stability
Storage time: >24 months. 
08. Limit exposure and provide personal protection equipment for personnel.Additional hints on technical system design
See chapter 7; no measures exceeding the ones mentioned are necessary.
Hygienic measures
Do not eat or drink during work time. Do not smoke during work time.
MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET Version: 16.09.2013PHOTOLUMINESCENT PIGMENT                    Page 3 OF 4 
EINECS     components value unitPLO-7C   MO.Al2O3:Eu   3.6 g/cm3Respiratory protection: Local exhaust/mechanical (general)
Hand protection: Plastic or neoprene
Eye protection: None
Skin protection: Lab coat 
09. Physical and chemical properties.Appearance
Form: Powder
Colour: light yellow
Odour: None
Safety data methodFlash point : n.a 
Density app. 3.6 g/cm3 DIN 51757 (20°C)Ignition temperature n.a.Lower explosion limit n.a.Upper explosion limit n.a.Vapour pressure (20°C) n.a.Solubility in water insolublen.a.: not applicable 
10. Stability and reactivity.Hazardous reactions
The product is not a dust explosion risk as supplied.
Hazardous decomposition products
No hazardous decomposition products known. 
11. Toxicological information. JiNan XingYi Technology Co.,Ltd .Effects of overexposureMay cause irrigation to eyes, skins & mucous membranes. 
12. Ecological information.Product is insoluble in water.
13. Disposal considerations.
Dispose in accordance with state and local regulations.
European waste catalogue
The declaration of the waste number must be specified by the branch or process in accordance with the EWC regulations.
contaminated packagings
Completely empty packaging may be treated as household waste.

Version: 16.09.2013 PHOTOLUMINESCENT PIGMENT                    Page 4 OF 4 
14. Transport information. 
GGVSee/IMDG-Code : - UN-NR : -    ICAO/IATA : -GGVE/GGVS : not classified ADR/RID : not classified ADNR : - 
15. Regulatory information. 
Labelling in accordance with GefStoffV/EC.The product does not require a hazard warning label in accordance with EC directives/German regulations on dangerous substances. 
National requirements 
VbF - class : - 
16. Other information.Observe national and local legal requirements
Sources of documentation
Technical safety Constants Sorbe
Merck Index
All materials involved of the product are specified in the following lists:
Laws, guidelines and recommendations
This product corresponds to the following guidelines:
- Lebensmittel- und Bedarfsgegenständegesetz §§ 30 und 31- BGVV XL
- DIN EN 71 Chapter 3
- FDA 21 CFR Ch I, § 176.170 und § 176.180- 90/128/EWG 
All information in this document are concerning the safety requirements of the product. All details are based on our best knowledgeto the current situation. However, they do not apply as assurance for quality of the product with regard to liability resp. Guarantee.
All details are given without obligation.

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