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Photoluminescent Film and Photoluminescent Board
Photoluminescent film
PhotoLuminescent film is made of photoluminescent pigment. They can automatically glow in the dark for long time after absorbing various visible light . This process of absorbing-emitting can be repeated forever. They are nontoxic, harmless, free from any radioactive substance, easy-applied and with climate-resistant With better chemically stability.
Products Characters

1. Free of Radiation and pollution.
2. Short light-storage time, big light-abosbing area, high luminescence and long after glow time.
3. Easy to cut and widely usages (can be used directly in printing, cut out and so on).
4. Easy to fold ,reverse and transport.
5. Adaptive to the environment (-15 ℃ -40 ℃ ), durable under the ultraviolet radiation, with the long service lifetime.


1. Usable for screen printing, printing. Can be print signs, logo, and various designs on the surface.

2. Usable for jet printers. Can be print name card, photo, greeting cards etc. directly.

3.The adhesive style can be cut to various shape and directly stick on the wall, switch, toy, T-shirt and so on for decoration use.
1. Luminescent PVC Film

Featureuntearable , easy operation, be good at screen printing
Service Life
Indoor 15 years, Outdoor 3 years

2. Luminescent Acrylic Film

Featuretearable , easy operation, good extensibility, long service life, excellent for computer cutting, can be screen printed and ink-jet printed Service LifeIndoor 20 years, Outdoor 7 years

3. Luminescent Paper
It can be printed to glow in dark photo, name card, scenery picture etc, and applicable for oil based or water based ink jet printer. The size is same as A4 paper.
Photoluminescent adhesive tape, glow in the dark sticker
Materials: PET  Thickness without back paper: 0.23mm
Available width: 1cm 2cm 2.5cm, 3cm, 5cm, 7.5cm, 10cm
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About glow in the dark sticker 
In general indoor lighting or natural light for about 20-30 minutes, you can continue to glow in the dark for 8 hours 
No power or other artificial energy use, the full use of natural light environment itself. 
* Can be used permanently, non-radioactive, chemically stable, safe and reliable, good weather resistance.
* Long life, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, cost-effective. Super brightness,Allowing you to be more of a peace of mind in the dark. 
* Glow in the dark tape not only bring you super warning effect, but also for your stage performances, adding a unique color. This product is luminescent light-emitting strips, you must first absorption to light, so the light source shall be installed at. 
Photoluminescent Rigid Board
Photoluminescent rigid board is a new style product produced by special technologies. It produced from the transparent rigid board and the high luminous luminescent material. The product is in semi-transparent yellow color, and have smooth surface and good luster. They will emit the wonderful yellow-green or blue green light at least 10 hours in darkness after absorbing the light or lamp light.  
Products Characters
Photoluminescent rigid board is a kind of environmental protecting products which is non-toxic, non-radioactive and harmless for person.
It can used in outdoors for long-term as their super weather resisting capability.
Photoluminescent rigid board has feature of high light and duration, it can glow in darkness over 10 hours.

The luminous rigid board is easy to process, it can cut out, carve and stretch to all kinds of shape. It can be printed and be bronzed on the surface.                

1. Luminous sings, emergency exit signs, house number
2. vehicle, cinema
showplace seat number markers, direct signs etc.
3. restaurant casino table number, menu etc.
4. billboard, lamp box, fitment 

5. Craft & arts

Reference Information

Photoluminescent film using methods and precautions  

1. should be on a flat surface construction, construction temperature should be 10 ~ 40 C.  

2.Can be cut into various shapes photoluminescent film, directly affixed to somewhere (such as telephone, switches, etc.) play a decorative, indicating the role.  

3.The light-emitting surface of the film screen printing patterns, text and other methods, the formation underlay light.  

4. Affixed to the surface should be cleaned at the first surface, the surface can not have oil, dust, etc.  

5. The light-emitting thermal expansion and contraction of the film has a certain luminous film after slicing can not be left unattended and should put the folder or put heavy pressure, prevent deformation and curling. 

6.Adhesive glow tape to the backing paper and the light emitting humidity influenced by the

size of the light emitting film to be sliced is placed at a relative humidity of 40 to 60% under the process environment, to prevent curl.

7. Using the back of the luminous film release paper is removed, the film will be some pressure luminous flat surface affixed to a good deal, pay attention to corners paste Hao.  

8. The same type of glow in the dark film in order to ensure there will be some different luminescent color brightness lot.

9. Four color film, there is fading in the sunlight phenomenon, should pay attention to, especially not for outdoor use.

10. Light film roll may be longer than 10M connector.


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