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Reflective Powder
About reflective powder

Other name:reflective glass micro beads, reflective pigment, glass microsphere.

Refractive Powder made of a glass-based material from production, the main component of SiO2, CaO, Na2O, TiO2 and BaO like. The product can be directly added to the coating or resin, the product has a return reflective effect, it can be used on a variety of surfaces of complex shapes. It is a production of reflective fabric, reflective film, reflective paint, reflective signs, advertising materials, clothing materials, standards stadium runway, shoes, bags, land and air rescue supplies and other new light functional composites core materials. 














Reflective principle

When the light shines at the bead surface, due to the high refraction beads while concentrating on a particular focus of the reflective layer beads, reflective layer and the light reflected back through the transparent microspheres to a nearby light source, it can be seen in the light source to a very bright reflected light. Depending on the complexity of the optical formula is calculated, when the bead refractive index greater than 1.9 or more, to form a good return reflective effect. Reflective powder is a production of reflective cloth, reflective leather, reflective film, reflective paint, and other new luminous functional composites core element having return characteristics of reflective and resulting strong reflection effect.


Widely used in screen printing (can be printed, printing printed trademark of a class), making reflective paint, reflective paint, reflective fabric, reflective tape, reflective film and all kinds of reflective fabric, reflective signs,

Core material reflective logo, advertising materials, clothing materials, standard stadium runway, shoes, hats, bags, land and air rescue supplies and other new optical functional composite materials, it has reflective properties of the regression and the resulting strong retro-reflective effect, no external power supply, can be widely used in roads, ports, mining, fire and other fields, as a safety flags, greatly enhance the user's safety and reliability.
Use method

Use one: screen printing method

 A water-based screen printing method: reflective powder reflective directly added to the aqueous slurry, adding appropriate additives to enhance fastness, tune evenly printing, printing.

 Water-based screen printing method two: reflective powder directly into the transparent water-based ink, plus 2% of water-based special effects catalyst evenly tone printing, printing. (This method is better)

 Water-based screen printing method three: reflective powder slurry directly into transparent, appropriate to add additives to enhance fastness, tune evenly printing, printing.  

 Oily screen printing method one: reflective powder directly into the varnish, even tone, appropriate to add additives to enhance fastness, you can print, printing. (This method is better)

 Oily Screen Act II: reflective powder directly into the ink, made of reflective ink, silk screen or brush onto fabric or other items.

 Oily screen printing method three: first primer topcoat reflective printing paste --- --- drying curing paste printing, printing thinner layer thickness to 30 microns to 50 microns is appropriate to ensure that the reflective powder can and a half. exposed on the surface, to produce reflective effect.

 According to use, the use of thickness ranging from particle size, to obtain a variety of reflective effect. (Particle size range, reflecting the better)

Use the above method, simple operation, easy to master.

Use two: spraying

 1 first reflective paint spray primer, to be reflective paint dry, then spray-reflective finish. If the cement surface construction, the proposed two-reflective spray paint better.

 2 recommends using W-71-type gun (nozzle 1.50 mm) using a spray gun pressure primer about 2.0Kg / cm2, paint spray gun pressure around 3.0kg / cm2.

 3. guns and surface construction need to keep 18cm, gun angle 45 , paint a thin film to have obtained good results. For unknown substrate, a small area prior to trial

 4 Do not rain and fog in the snow and other inclement weather construction, will affect fastness.

Before 1. construction surface to be cleaned, the surface free of grease and dry.

 Reflective and reflective paint primer must be stirred before 2 construction uniform; painting process to keep stirring to prevent reflective powder precipitation.

Reflective pulp preparation: According to how much amount will be transferred into a paste with a solvent (cyclohexanone) the reflective powder weighing, and then added to the transparent printing paste, adjusting uniform use. When printing, printing thinner layer thickness to 30 microns to 50 microns is appropriate to ensure that the powder can Banlu reflective surface to produce reflective effect. According to use, the use of thickness ranging from particle size, to obtain a variety of reflective effect. (Particle size range, reflecting the better). Add the amount depending on how many add reflective brightness.

The above technical parameters, the practical application of summary from various industries, for reference only, without any legal basis. Make each user before use, must themselves first test proofing before production confirmation, or peril.
Products feature

1.high brightness 2. High fluidity 3. Low Specific gravity 4. Symmetrical Particle size Color: grey, white

Refractive index: 1.93nd;

Specific Gravity:4.2/cm3

Standard: Meet international standard ( enclosed eight kinds of heavy metal content test results )
Test results by chemical method  (unit:mg/kg)


ELEMENT                        PPM       MDL     LIMIT

Soluble Lead(Pb)               ND        5         90

Solunble Antimony(Sb)      ND        5         60

Soluble Arsenic(As)          ND        2.5       25

Soluble Barium(Ba)           642       10        1000

Soluble Cadmium(Cd)         ND        5         75

Soluble Chromium(Cr)         ND        5         60

Soluble Mercury(Hg)          ND        6         60

Soluble Seienium(Se)          ND        10        500

Note:1)ppm=mg/kg     2)ND:Not detected

3)MDL-Merhod Detection Limit

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